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At Barbell Rehab, our mission is to promote strength training in physical therapy. By teaching and progressively loading the basic barbell lifts, one can increase both athletic performance AND quality of life. 

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"At such a young age, Dr. Michael Mash has done more professionally in his career than a majority of seasoned therapists and coaches in the industry. Michael truly has a deep understanding for the relationship strength and performance plays in the overall care of patients and clients, which makes him a pure asset as a hybrid practitioner. Be on the lookout for more great things in the works from Michael, as he's just getting started!"

Dr. John Rusin

“Michael is an extremely knowledgeable Physical Therapist / Strength coach hybrid. He is one of those guys that is sure to change the rehab / performance game as well know it and push it to the next level! Anyone looking to bridge the gap between these rehab and athletics needs to be following Michael.”

Dr. Zach Long

“Michael was an essential component in growing our ClinicalAthlete student community, as he led the group with a clear passion for the field. His experience as a strength & conditioning coach gives him a unique perspective in clinical practice, possessing the understanding of how to integrate athletes back to high performance. His athletes are in great hands.”

Dr. Quinn Henoch
Founder, ClinicalAthlete